Acquaintance Stays ... WHY ????

It is not the goal of an acquaintance stay to find a life partner – at any price, but spending some days in a nice, comfortable ambiance in company of new and magnificent people.

We want to create a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, which will permit you to amuse yourself, forget your daily problems - at least for a while, relax and develop freely.

You will become acquainted with new people, and internalise new experiences and energy.

We are taking pains over the composition of groups consisting of an equal number of men and women of approximately the same age class.

For the time of your stay we have arranged a program for you to attend. The stay is supported by experienced professionals with a broad practise in association with people. The order of events of our program permits us to create a friendly atmosphere by casual activities and programs, to become acquainted with each other and to enjoy ourselves together.

Why should you choose to try it?

! You will spend some days attending a program in a comfortable atmosphere
! You will make acquaintance of new people
! You will experience yourself and others in different situations
! You will gain new experiences
! You will avoid an impersonal acquaintance via internet
! You will take no “risk“ , the first meeting....

Life consists of experiences and emotions; let’s find them together!